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Review: One Piece Odyssey Game

One Piece Odyssey

The games of the famous anime series One Piece return to us with a new look called One Piece Odyssey. Unlike previous games. Which were adventure games with a focus on excitement, we are getting an adventure game, role-playing or RPG game.

The game boasts beautiful graphics and a fantastic environment. Thanks to specific patterns in each area that shape the events within the game. The design of the worlds in the game is beautiful and there are many places to explore. The world of Alabasta consists of villages, a large desert, caves and mountains in a very large world! And the game provides a fast travel that makes it easy for you to navigate it.

The story of the game revolves around the crash of the Straw Hat crew’s ship on an unknown island. In the beginning, you will play Bluffy and gather the rest of the crew while you explore the island. But it ends quickly and you find them all in less than half an hour. In fact, I thought you would continue to search for the crew members for a long time. Through different stages but no, they are all within a short distance of Luffy and this kind of frustrated me and the strange thing is that all the characters are at level 40 from the start of the game.

After you get the crew members, you meet a new unknown character named Adio; who will help you overcome the first barrier in the game, and suddenly a girl named Lim appears and puts her hand on each member of the Straw Hat crew and takes out small cubes from them and spreads around the island and all the crew lose their abilities and the characters level drops to 1 And all their abilities and skills disappear, and this I liked very much.

As if it is the badge for the start of the real game, and your goal in the game is to collect the missing cubes, some of them are small and dedicated to each character, and some of them are large, and you have to defeat a leader to get it, and some of them open up new worlds for you that represent pillars or chapters from One Piece’s past, the first world You go to him is Alabasta and then repeat the events that took place there and you must find Croco Dale and defeat him.

One Piece Odyssey

The crucial aspect of the game is divided into two parts: exploring the map and combat. These make up the element of play. Exploration is by using the properties of each of the straw hat crew in the map to open new areas or obtain rare resources, for example, you use Zoro to cut closed doors and Chopper to enter the corridors The narrow one uses Sanji to search for rare cooking resources and so on, and the method of switching between characters is very fast. When you press the left or right arrow button, a window will open for you with pictures of the characters and you choose from them, then you press it and turn into the chosen character, and the game will tell you when you pass by rare resources Sanji will speak And he says to you: There is something good around us.

The combat system in the game uses the familiar RPG system but with new features added. It relies on three types – strength, speed, and technique – with each Straw Hat crew member belonging to one of these types. For example, Luffy, Sanji, and Chopper are strong in strength, Usopp and Nami in speed, and Zoro and Robin in technique. These types follow the rock-paper-scissors concept, where each type is stronger against one and weaker against another. The same goes for the enemies, who also belong to one of these types.

Well, let’s start talking about the strangeness in the fighting system, and I don’t think I will be able to explain it to you in an excellent way, so it is better to download the trial version and try it for yourselves, but I will try to give an overview, let’s say that the fighting has started and you will see straw hat characters and enemies separated, there will be separate zones from each other, for example in The first area is Zoro with 3 enemies in front of him, in the second area there is Sanji and Chopper and they have one enemy in front of them, in the third area there is Luffy and he has two enemies in front of him and in the fourth area there is Usopp.

The enemies in the first area belong to the type of technique and Sanji and Chopper are weak in front of them and all you have to do is press the triangle button And replacing Sanji with Nami because she is the type of speed that overcomes the type of technique, and you will be able to switch characters at any time you want, and you will not miss the turn! And the character must finish off all the enemies in their area before they go to help others in other areas. RPG games often feature limited enemy designs, with similar shapes but varying colors, names, and properties. The same is true in this game.

Sometimes there is an event in the middle of the fight, for example, Sanji and Zoro fighting each other and challenging which of them kills the largest number of enemies. When you succeed in such tasks, you will get additional experience points, and when you advance in the game, you will learn collective strikes called Bond moves, and its idea is the cooperation of the Straw Hat crew In a strong collective strike, for example, Zoro, Chopper, and Usopp hit one collective strike, and you will learn more from these strikes.

One Piece Odyssey

Well, let’s talk about the content of the game, as it contains very huge content, as it contains basic and sub-missions, and the Bounty tasks in which you accept contracts to eliminate different enemies and get money for that. Certain tools exist, as well as Hysteria points distributed in the map. These points allow players to take a specific number of Straw Hat crew members on a short adventure to another version of the region, culminating in a new cooperative strike.

One of what I liked most about the game is the characters talking to each other a lot and talking about most of the events and places that you go through with commenting on the events that happened in the anime when they were in the arc in which you play. What he did in the anime, and here all the crew scolded Luffy and told him, “Didn’t you learn from last time, you stupid captain!” It was very funny, and of course you will fight bosses from the past such as Croco Dale, Lochi, and new bosses as well. The bosses fight is exciting, and you have to use special strategies to defeat them.

Well, we have come to the end of the review, and I can say that One Piece Odyssey is the best game that brought the world of anime to the RPG system. You will spend many hours with this game in which we will go through memories again with the Straw Hat crew while going through a new adventure at the same time.

One Piece Odyssey
Review: One Piece Odyssey Game
One Piece Odyssey is the best game that brought the world of anime to RPG games while offering an enjoyable experience full of new and old contents and memories that we will live with the Straw Hat crew.
The combat system is very deep and fun
The design of the regions is wonderful and reflects the feeling of the anime
the fighting animations are very beautiful,
the content is huge,
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